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AC2 Undergoing Reconstruction

Server Crash Leads to Complete Overhaul of the Angeles2 Website.

Most of you who found your way here are probably long time members hoping to find that your board has been resurrected from it's recent massive implosion. Crashes, hacks and attacks are nothing new to you right? Even when it was running, it was struggling to load and creeping along at a slug's pace. Sometimes towards the end it was down for hours at a time. When this happened before and we all know it has happened many times before, some one usually found enough bailing wire, chewing gum and duct tape to patch it up and get it back online, but not this time.

AC2 had been running on a dedicated server managed by the web host on decrepit old equipment from the stone age. Some say the server was a hodgepodge of 1980's equipment that resembled a Commodore 128, but I think they may be giving it too much credit.

The Eve of Destruction

Just before the fateful crash the host had scheduled the site to be down for maintenance, at which time the data was to be transferred to a new machine. An announcement alerting membership of that coming event was made on the forum. but before that could happen the old server coughed, sputtered and puked data all over the server room floor.

Any nerd worth his weight in pocket protectors knows that you should keep regular back ups on a different machine specifically for such catastrophes and ownership had assumed that the managing host was doing just that, but as you might have suspected by now, that certainly was not the case.

At this late date the host claims "they are working on it" (recovering and rebuilding the data), but no progress is outwardly evident.

So now what??

Bamboo Scaffolds in Place

After several weeks of alternately scratching our heads and then our butts while watching, hoping and praying that the managing host could restore Ac2 to some semblance of working order, we have decided to begin the arduous task of starting over from scratch

New forum software, new design, new portal, new features, new structure and new vision. The good old days were wonderful and we will archive and link as much of the old data as we can recover while streamlining the forum and making every effort to step into the future with new content.

Some of you have been here since the inception and we hope you will bear with us while we figure this thing out. Hopefully we can regain the interest of many of the senior members, especially those who left when the attitudes of the vocal few here turned them away.

We can make no promises how much progress we will make or exactly when the site will be fully functional. The plan is to activate each new feature as we install and configure them and to test each one separately to insure the site functions properly before we add the next module. We have lives off the board as well, but we hope you will like what you see happening and check back often.

Thank you for your patience and continued interest in AC2.

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